Who Am I?

The Truth About Who You Are The views defined here provide a limitless scope that can leave readers to answer some questions more intuitively. In answering the question, Who Am I, one must understand that he/she came from a source and accept the basic idea and plan of that source. The question, Who Am I? comes up … Read more

Quotes To Sell Your Way Through Life

Whatever skill you have requires to be finally converted to money in order to sell your way through life . There are no lazy men. A lazy man is only an unfortunate individual who has not discovered the work for which he is most appropriate. In the event that you’ve attempted and met with rout, on … Read more

Learning Anything The Right Way part 2

The part 1 of this topic explained the first step to Learning anything in the right way. Learning is a requirement for us. Step 2. Reflecting The second step for Learning anything in the right way is, Reflecting. This step is straightforward. Many people are in a rush to learn new things, but the problem is, they need … Read more

Learning Anything The Right Way part 1

Quick Overview Everyone has a fantastic memory. One may insist he/she has a bad memory. The good news is that it doesn’t matter whether you think you have a good or bad memory. The fact is, the brain can be trained to learning anything in the right way. A lot can be achieved if the … Read more